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Crazy Gods Around The World

Crazy gods around the world – Today, while most of us think of the word of God, what comes to mind is a God of rational man or spirit, who is venerated by the faithful of the great religions. But if you delve a little deeper into anthropology or history, you are required to find a lot of very unusual gods that have been worshiped in the past or revered. Here is a list of ten gods so curious, crazy in the world

Top 10 Crazy God and Deities

1. Mututus Tutunus

Mutunus Tutunus

Mutunus Tutunus was a Roman fertility god symbolized as a giant penis. It is believed that the deity had a sanctuary in ancient Rome which had been visited by disguised women. Mutunus Tutunus played an important role in every marriage.
It is said that before the wedding wrinkles, brides on the phallus God as a way rode the first offer to make their virginity. This apparently also prepared brides for sex and taught them not to be embarrassed by sex.

2. Babi


Babi was a fiery and thirsty baboon god worshiped in ancient Egypt. As the former, United Babi was a supernatural attack in which the monarch struggled.
Babi had the total control of the darkness and had the power to open the sky to the monarchs because his penis was the barrier to the gates of heaven. Furthermore the ferry underworld uses the phallus of Babi as a mast.

3. Aphrodite


Aphroditus (or Aphroditos) was a god worshiped in Greece. He was revered as a man and woman and was represented as a female form and attire of Aphrodite, but the beard and sexual organs of a man
To celebrate the men and women of Aphrodite, they regularly exchanged clothes and took other sexual roles. It is also believed that during these rituals, women assumed a role of penetration, while men celebrated the sexual experience “passive”.

4. Pudicitia


The Pudicitia was the Roman goddess of chastity and fidelity and was always portrayed as veiled. The pudicitia was also a female Roman virtue. The pudicitia was attached to the chastity, fidelity and piety of the humble and was held by the father of a woman or a male relative and later by a man. The Pudicitia was kept from home and remained invisible and inviolable to the public world expressed.

5. Bona Dea

Bona Dea

The Bona Dea or the “Good Goddess” was a Roman goddess of women and healers who were exclusively worshiped by women. Its real name says fauna, meaning “you who wants it.” However, animal world was his secret name, not to talk aloud, especially from men. Bona Dea was an earth goddess who protected women, and that especially watch virgins and matrons. They also believed that they had oracular forces that it was open to women.

6. Juno Viriplaca

Juno Viriplaca

Juno Viriplaca, also known as “Man-Placater” or “the goddess who soothes human anger,” was a Roman goddess who restored peace between a couple
Juno Viriplaca had a sanctuary on the Palatine in Rome, where women went when they thought they had been wronged by their husbands. They will say to their mourning and Viriplaca Juno the goddess would have to reconcile her hopes with her men.

7. Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi is a Haitian Vodou God. He is often wearing a face like a skull showing a black hat and a long black coat and wearing glasses or sunglasses. He also carries a stick furnished with it with an upright phallus. It is said that Baron Samedi chairs cemeteries and crossroads and the spirits of the dead. He has his followers in festivals and rituals and the people obsessed speak, raw comments in acute nasal voice making, pantomime sex, gluttony eating, drinking strong and smoke.

8. ungud

Ungud by Leah Umbagai

Ungud is a snake god bisexual in the mythology of Aboriginal people in the north-west of Australia. Ungud is often associated with rainbow skies and is known as the “Rainbow Serpent”. It is often associated with erection physicians.

9. Liber


Liber was a Roman god of male fertility, viticulture and freedom. Public Liberalia Festival was celebrated on March 17 in its honor. The festival was celebrated with sacrifices, processions and gossip songs.
They say that the god Liber was specifically celebrated with the worship of the male organ. During the festival the phallus statues were installed on small tanks and with great honor, were displayed for the first time rural crossroads and then introduced into the city.

10. Hephaestus


Hephaestus was the Greek god of smithy, sculptor, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. It is often symbolized by a hammer, anvil and tongs.
Hephaestus was a talented craftsman and was known for the miraculous weapons he made. He also made wheelchairs that moved alone, and gold servants who helped him to move. In addition, he created Pandora, a clay statue to which Athena gave life, thus creating the first woman.

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